• Chiaki Arai + ヨフ
  • 2018 | OKAMURA Design Space R, Japan
  • Thread (R, G, B), LED Lamp, LED Strip, Wood Frames
  • W12415 x H2625 x D13370 mm


This work is an exhibition by breaking down the structure of four tea rooms (Taian, Hasso-ken, Enan, Joan, ) whose motif is Chiaki Arai, architect, under the theme of “somesthetic”. We are rebuilding at the venue. Moreover, the group “YOF” who has approached images and colors by mathematical methods based on visual principles, uses 22 windows provided in this tea room as a medium, and expresses color phenomena by color threads and illumination. It was developed.


It handles only red, green and blue threads, which are the three primary colors of light, and spans the inner frame of the window in a grid at intervals of 1 cm. Various colors are created by changing the distribution of three colors for the seven threads entering the depth of the frame. In addition, by changing the hue of the light embedded in the window, the color interaction such as cancellation and enhancement of the color of the thread is manipulated.
The orientation of the four tea rooms is in line with the original tea room. The color of the window is assigned from east to west, blue → purple → red → yellow → green, and the gradation is changed, and the color to be emphasized to the east and west changes slowly by changing the illumination color there, which the tea room has A time expression that makes you feel the faint light that drifts in the conspiracy develops.
In addition, both the tea room with an abandoned wall and the string placed on the window transmit the background, and depending on the viewer’s point of view, due to the overlapping of the windows and the deviation of the pitch of the string placed in a grid shape and the viewing angle. Moire realizes an interactive spatial visual expression that induces a colorful color experience.

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